About ERT

Clinical Research Services

ERT (www.ERT.com) is a global technology-driven provider of health outcomes research services and customizable medical devices supporting biopharmaceutical sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) to achieve their drug development and healthcare objectives. ERT harnesses leading technology coupled with unrivaled processes and scientific expertise to collect, analyze, and report on clinical data to support the determination of health outcomes critical to the approval, labeling and reimbursement of pharmaceutical products.  ERT is the acknowledged industry leader in centralized cardiac safety and respiratory efficacy services and also provides electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO) and outcomes assessments for multiple modalities across all phases.

Our Mission:

ERT will lead centralized data collection and processing in the global clinical research and healthcare delivery markets by providing innovative, cost effective services and technologies improving the quality and usefulness of data that ultimately improves the public health.

ERT is passionate about transforming the way clients approach clinical research and healthcare delivery.  ERT is dedicated to providing the most innovative, accurate, cost effective way to collect, analyze, and deliver data in compliance with regulatory requirements.

ERT delivers unparalleled services, customized proprietary device solutions and leading technology managed by professionals that clients can trust.   ERT invests for continuous improvement in all its services to meet customers’ developing needs and to deliver on  the pledge of “Getting it done. Right”.

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